Spatial Design and Engineering
Office Newton Hall 208
Contact (+82) 054-260-1428
The Department of Spatial Design and Engineering offers curricula in Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Urban Engineering. Graduate students are provided courses in both theory and practice on various subjects including global issues, environmental pollution, global warming, domestic problems, urban problems, as well as housing and community issues.

This school utilizes the paradigm of sustainable development combined with the latest advanced technology of applied GIS, CAD and numerical modeling to research and make applications into environmentally friendly spatial development and resource-economizing environmental management.

Coursework lectures are taught in English with the school objective set on fostering graduate-level professionals in theory and practice with a forte in understanding global issues as well as addressing local issues.
Name Education Email Office Call
Ju-Il Kim Ph.D., Urban and Regional Planning, Seoul National University Univ. Cornerstone Hall 308 054-260-1433
Il Woo Nam Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Sciences and Technology (KAIST) Cornerstone Hall 306 054-260-1422
Ducksu Seo Ph.D., Urban Planning, Seoul National University
MLAUD, Urban Design, Harvard University Cornerstone Hall 313 054-260-1432
Hee Jin Yang Ph.D., Urban planning, Seoul National University Cornerstone Hall 310 054-260-1395
Songhee You M.Arch, Architecture, University of Southern California / American Registered Architect Cornerstone Hall 307 054-260-1425
Esther Lee Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Cornerstone Hall 309 054-260-1421
Kwanphil Cho M.Arch., Architectural Association School of Architecture / Royal Institute of British Architects Cornerstone Hall 312 054-260-1430
Sehyeon Cheon Ph.D., Ocean Shore Engineering, Seoul National University Cornerstone Hall 311 054-260-1424
Chamun Koo Ph.D., Urban & Regional Planning, University of Southern California Professor Emeritus -
Albert Doosoon Kim Ph.D., Architecture, Carnegie-Mellon University Adjunct Professor -
Kyungmo Ahn Ph.D., Coastal Engineering, The University of Florida Professor Emeritus -
Sangmo Jeong Ph.D., Urban & Regional Planning, University of Southern California Professor Emeritus -
Daejun Lee Ph.D., Architecture Engineering, The University of Tokyo Professor Emeritus -
Cheokyeong Lee Ph.D., Numerical Modeling, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Professor Emeritus -
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