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Applying For A Visa
Before you start studying at Handong Global University, all international students must obtain a visa to study in Korea. After your admission or exchange participation is confirmed, and deemed that you need a D-2 (student visa) to study in Korea, Handong will send a visa packet including a ‘Certificate of Admission’. Proof of Final Academic Credentials and Financial Statement (e.g. bank account, scholarship, etc. ) which serves as proof of the student's budget for expenses while staying in Korea may be requested by the authorities.

Please keep in mind that these documents may take a long time to be issued, and requirements might vary depending on your residing country or your condition. So, please ensure that you start the process as soon as you receive the visa packet.
Documents Needed for VISA Applications
When you receive the visa packet from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) in Handong, you must visit the Korean Embassy / Consulate’s Website in your country of residence and re-confirm the list of required documents in order to process your visa application. Then, submit the visa application along with the required documents. 
Typically, the following supporting documents are needed for VISA applications.
Documents Included in HGU Visa Packet
• Certificate of Admission (& Acceptance Letter)
• Business Certificate of HGU (in Korean)
• Scholarship Certificate (only for Scholarship Students)
• Memorandum of Understanding (only for Exchange Students)
Documents Need to be Prepared By Students
• Valid Passport (Make sure your passport is valid for at least one year from the planned date of entry.)
• Proof of Financial Resources
• Bank Statement or Certificate of Scholarship
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