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Health Insurance
The Korean Government requires ALL International Students to have valid insurance cover while staying in Korea.
*Valid Insurance
1) Health Insurance purchased in your home country, which covers injuries  and sickness occurring in Korea
2) Health Insurance purchased in Korea.
Obtaining Private Insurance at HGU
Freshman, Transfer & Exchange students (1st Semester)
Please apply for insurance and pay the fee at the Registration Desk for i-HanST (Orientation)
Others (students who extend their exchange program OR enrolled students whose insurance will expire soon)
Please contact to obtain insurance
* HGU does not share any business interest with private insurance providers.
How To Buy Insurance Plan
  • - 100,000KRW for Exchange and Visiting students (6 months plan)
  • - 130,000KRW for Undergraduate and Dual Degree students (1 year plan)
  • - OR ​submit a scanned copy of your insurance card / or proof if you already have insurance cover.
Insurance Period
  • - Exchange Students: 6-months Plan (From the beginning of the Semester)
  • - Undergraduate Students: 1-year Plan (From the beginning of the Semester)
Coverage and Reimbursement Method
  • 01 When you visit a hospital, have the necessary documents issued before leaving the hospital.  (Documents are listed in the file)
    02 After seeing a doctor or hospitalization, ask the hospital to issue the necessary documents.
    03 Login to the insurance website with your account.
    - (ID: Student Number, PW: 111111)
    - If you can't download the file from the above website, please use Internet Explorer [B1] to access to the website.
    04 From the website, download the claim report and fill out the form.
    05 Access your KakaoTalk and add KakaoTalk ID: INSCLAIM
    06 Send the documents below to INSCLAIM on KakaoTalk
    - (Clear) photo of your documents from the hospital
    - Completed Claim Application (From Step 3)

    07 If everything is in order, 70% of your payment will be refunded within 2 to 3 days. If additional documents are required, the insurance company staff will contact you through KakaoTalk messenger.
How do I issue my insurance certificate?
(ID: Student Number, PW: 111111)
*You may change your password after login.
The hospital says I don’t have insurance. What should I do?
Korean hospitals can only check people with Korean National Insurance. The student insurance through Handong is private insurance, so hospitals cannot check it. All you need to do is ask the hospital to issue the above required documents after seeing a doctor.
Is my insurance going to cover the fee of the dental clinic? (or Korean oriental clinic)
According to the insurance company, determining whether dental clinic fees or oriental clinics are covered is depends on several factors. The simplest way to find out is to send related documents to INSCLAIM. An insurance company will let you know if it is possible to get reimbursement.
What is the maximum amount of coverage?
If you are not hospitalized, the maximum amount of medical expense which can be covered is 250,000KRW a day. Please refer to the ‘Coverage Information’ for further info.
Contact for Insurance
TEL 02-722-3
Handong Global University
558 Handong-ro Buk-gu, Pohang Gyeongbuk 37554 Republic of Korea
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