Advanced Convergence
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Education Goals
• Fosters students who have the fundamental knowledge of the latest green energy and environmental issues with the ability to apply that knowledge in the industry.
• Fosters leaders of a global caliber through active training and research exchanges at international education functions.
• Provides new green-growth initiatives through industrial cooperation with Korean businesses.
Stage 1 in 3 years or less, establish the School as an outstanding and desirable training resource within the green energy industry, establishing the necessary science and technological foundations
Stage 2 in 5 years or less, Handong Global University will become Korea’s leader in high-tech energy and environmental studies, including: green energy, alternative energy, green materials and the systems necessary for laser-fusion.
Stage 3 Develop into a world leading university and research center possessing the technology and capacity to train leaders who play key roles in overcoming crises in energy and the environment
• Capable professionals in advanced green energy and environment technology
• Professionals following the steward-model with honest character and global capacity
Name Education Email
Kyung-Hee Hong Ph.D., Physics, KAIST, Korea
Bongju Lee Ph.D., Plasma Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Taejun Yu Ph.D., Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technoogy (KAIST)
Wilhelm Holzapfel Ph.D., Technical University of Munich Lactobacillus
Seong-Kyu Song Ph.D., AIDS Molecular Virology (HIV), University of Texas, Medical School  
Jin-Hwan Kwak Ph.D., Microbial Genetics, Seoul National University
MyoungSool Do Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Weizmann Institute of Science
Hyungki Do Ph.D., Marine Microbiology, The University of Tokyo
Byungsun Suh Ph.D., Cell Biology, Weizmann Institute of Sciencee  
Chang-Kee Hyun Ph.D., Biotechnology, KAIST
Jaeyoung Lee Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Sciences and Technology (KAIST)
Cher-Won Hwang Ph.D., Environmental Biology, Tokyo University
Won-Sang Ra Ph.D., Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Yonsei University
Youngchun Park Ph.D., Material & Electronics Engineering, Stanford University
Kun Lee Ph.D., Computer Science, Arizona State University  
Jongmin Lee Ph.D., Physics, Korea University  
Handong Global University
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