Handong Regulation
Guidance on Understanding and Application of English Regulation

This is an English version of the Handong Regulation that is translated from Korean into English to help foreign professors and students understand the Regulation. Therefore, please be informed that if there are any issues regarding translation and actual application of the regulation, Korean regulation takes precedence over English regulation.
Title File
1. Articles of Incorporation of Handong Global University Foundation  
2. Handong Global University Regulation  
3. Graduate School Regulation  
4. Regulation on Office Organization and Duty Allocation  
5. Approval Delegation Regulation  
6. Regulations Management Regulation  
7. Budget Management Regulation  
8. Office Management Regulation  
9. Contract Regulation  
10. Inspection Regulation  
11. Housing Management Regulation  
12. Audit Regulation  
13. Regulation on Preventing and Handling Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Cases  
14. Regulation on Research Room (laboratory) Safety Management  
15. Regulation on Personnel Management for Faculty Members  
16. Regulation on Personnel Management for Staff  
17. Regulation on the Appointment of Part-time Instructors  
18. Abolition of Regulation on Foreign Professors Appointment  
19. School Staff Member Service Regulation  
20. School Staff Member Remuneration Regulation  
21. Regulation on the Payment of Welfare Allowances to School Staff Member  
22. Regulation on Full-time Faculty Members’Teaching Hours and Payment of Lecture Fees  
23. Travel Expense Regulation for School Staff Member  
24. Faculty Evaluation Regulation  
25. Academic Regulation  
26. Regulation on Faculty Member Sabbatical Leaves, Dispatches, and Overseas Travels  
27. Scholarship Awarding Regulation  
28. Regulation on Student Rewards and Punishment  
29. Regulation on the Students' Residence Hall  
30. Committee Regulations  
31. Regulation on University Council Operation  
32. Employment Regulation for Contractual Staff Members  
33. Personnel Management Bylaws for Part-time Faculty Members  
34. Bylaws on the Recognition of Credits of Exchange Students  
35. Academic Bylaws Related to Completing a Bachelor's Program  
36. Faculty Evaluation Bylaws  
37. Bylaws on the Appointment of Faculty Members  
38. Bylaws on Faculty Evaluation and Appointment of Faculty Members of the International Law School  
39. Bylaws on the Operation of the Engineering Education Accreditation System  
40. Bylaws on Faculty Members Holding Additional Positions at Other Institutions  
41. Bylaws on the Credit Recognition of Transferees  
42. Bylaws on the Faculty Evaluation for Full-Time Faculty Members Receiving Monthly Fixed Remuneration and Appointment of Faculty Members  
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