Undergraduate Education
Handong Global University offers over 200 courses from 18 academic departments. All students are admitted with an undeclared major and department, being placed as a member in the Global Leadership School.

For their first year, students take time to explore introductory major courses and receive compulsory educations in foreign languages, IT, basic humanities, mathematics, science, faith, and character training. Majors are declared in students’ sophomore year. Majors can be chosen regardless of students’ field of study in high school and as majors can readily be changed, students have time to identify the major to which they are best suited.
Compulsory Double Major
Handong Global University mandates double majors for students except those in intensive majors. About 85% of students study in double majors. Through the double major system, students utilize the knowledge gathered from these majors to develop creative convergence talents.
Design Your Major
Students can create their own convergence major by selecting from over 200 classes across 16 departments. This innovative approach to tertiary education breaks down interdisciplinary boundaries across humanities to engineering, and adds practice to provide experience in convergence studies.
Team Teaching & Debate-Oriented Courses
Many courses utilize 'Team Projects' to engage students from different departments in applying their respective majors and skills to complete assignments. Through team teaching, students have show-cased outstanding performances in a variety of national and international contests.
Independent Self-Guided Study Semester
Handong Global University is the first university in Korea to implement the Independent Self-Guided Study Semester. Instead of taking university courses during the semester, students can study while engaged in career related activities.
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