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An academic system that prepares students for the global stage
Handong Global University provides a variety of major programs that are conducted entirely in English. On average, each major program in Handong consists of about 40% English classes. For students who need more language training, the Department of Language Education provides a variety of English and second language courses.
Handong Global University offers the Holistic Global Citizenship Program, which equips students with the values and skills needed as global citizens.

Through Handong's curriculum, students not only gain professional skills, but also the English proficiency and international perspective necessary to make a global impact.
Handong International Law School - The first U.S.-style law school in Asia
Handong International Law School (HILS) is a unique law school that combines a U.S. law school curriculum with a Christian faith perspective. Founded by Dr. Lynn Buzzard, a former Executive Director of the Christian Legal Society, HILS is the only U.S.-style law school in Korea with all courses taught in 100% English. The Spirit of HILS is to prepare a new kind of international lawyer trained for Christian service. Graduate law students drawn from dozens of countries study at HILS, where they are taught by the largest U.S.-trained law faculty in Asia. HILS graduates are recognized as legal experts in domestic and international law firms, major companies, and government organizations. A total of 480 HILS graduates are licensed attorneys in the United States.
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244 Partnerships from over 66 countries (as of 2023.9)
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