Mission & Vision
Bible Study and Application
Several Handong programs promote a Biblical and evangelical Christian faith. These include Bible and life, creation and evolution, Christian worldviews, and a Handong nurturing system for thematic Bible study.  The Handong Discipleship Movement (HDM) is a small group who meditate on and share the Word of God with others.
Chapel, which is a mandatory course over six semesters, is the core of faith-based education at Handong University. During this time of worship, Scripture is read and expounded and God is praised in song.  Short concerts, plays and special performances encourage team unity and showcase the creativity of Handong students.
Process of Devotion
Handong develops Christian commitment through various discipleship programs. The Handong Discipleship School (HDS) and English Handong Discipleship School (EHDS) held in vacations offer unique opportunities to learn and practice a Christ centered life. At YWAM Hawaii, university students from all over the world converge for a semester of discipleship training.  Vision School (Intercorp) helps students clarify their calling to cross-cultural missions. In addition, cooperation with various Christian missions organizations is expanding. In this manner, Handong students become leaders like Daniel in the Bible who change the world through their spiritual training.
Dedicated hours of Handong Students
First Hour of Handong / Silent Prayer Hour / Last Hour of Handong
The dedicated hours of Handong are special times of prayer that begin the day, continue throughout the day and bring the day to an end. Pohang is where the sun rises earliest in Korea, and as the morning sun shines, the footsteps of the people of Handong head to the chapel room. The First Hour of Handong at 7:00 starts the day with reading the Word and prayer as well as planning the rest of the day. During the day, the Silent Prayer Hour (12:30) and Last Hour of Handong (22:00) allow members of Handong to spend and end the day in prayer. Prayer and the Word of God enable Handong members to be at peace despite their busy schedules; filled with passion while exercising prudence.  The Dedicated Hours of Prayer encourage Handong members to receive each new day as a gift from God despite its potential challenges.
Prayer is the history of Handong and its source of power. From the Handong Prayer Day at Vision Square and departmental and Team based prayer groups to prayer request cards filling the walls of the Prayer Room, and prayer response cards that thank God for His faithful answers, prayer is like breathing for the Handong community.
Cultivation of a Leadership Mentality & Communication-based Living
Unsupervised Honorary Test Taking
Leaders who change the world must first be true and honest. Handong University has conducted unsupervised exams under an Honor Code system since its establishment. True leaders are those who act with integrity before God and their conscience. Honest education is a source of pride for Handong students. Talented, honest individuals are welcomed and encouraged at Handong!
Handong Village (Dormitory-based Community Life-Residential College)
In dormitories, Handong students not only learn to understand and respect roommates from different cultures but also a servant heart. Students move from parental care to independent responsibility for their decisions, becoming more mature as they live with their colleagues. Handong Residential Colleges currently cater for more than 3,000 students assigned to one of six RCs (Torrey, Kuyper, Jang Gi-ra, Carmichael, Son Yang-won Colleges, and the College of Thermal Engineering). Each RC is equipped with a reading room, shower room, prayer room, lounge, laundry room, fitness room, and table tennis room where students can share the core values ​​of each RC in comfortable, social settings.
Team System (led by a mentoring professor)
The Team system is unique to Handong Global University. A Team consists of about 35 students of mixed majors and years which form a community around a mentoring professor. Students live and study together, building trusting relationships through Team service activities and meetings. The mentor professor guides the Team like a family and assists Team members in their decisions. In this way, Handong promotes genuine relationships full of love and trust.
A Systematic and Specialized Character Education
Community Leadership Training (6 semesters)
Under the guidance of the mentoring professor, Team members organize and participate in work duties, social service, reading discussions, topic-specific seminars, and Bible studies. The creative participation of all Team members cultivates a servant leadership mentality. Faith and life are shared among professors and students, respect for others is built, and the spirit of Handong is formed in each new generation of students and passed onto the next.
A Heart for Loving Others
Social Service (2credits over 2 semesters)
Handong Global University cultivates leaders with exceptional skills and upright personalities. This is attained by prioritizing the needs of marginalized and underprivileged minorities in local communities. Lives become channels of blessing when exceptional skills and diligence are combined with thoughtfulness for neighbors. Handong students learn the lifestyle of a true leader by teaching children at churches based in rural farming and fishing villages, aiding child-headed families, helping financially unsupported elders, and nature restoration projects.
Garden of Service
Handong Global University’s Garden of Service is a gathering where individuals from distressed family backgrounds, the disabled, and the elderly are shown love and respect by Handong volunteers. This event promotes intimate, caring relationships between Handong members and those suffering social, emotional, physical and mental hardships.  Dreams are awakened and lives are warmed by the love of Jesus that is shared.
Handong Global University
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