Mission & Vision
Academic Excellence
Unconstrained Opportunity for Future Choices
Environmental Changes Following Knowledge-Informatization
Many universities incorporate undergraduate and multi-major academic tracks. However, the Undecided Major/Department Admission System of Handong Global University is an innovation that goes beyond previous forms of university reform. Handong Global University allows students to enter without choosing their majors and departments regardless of their high-school curriculum track. Many students find their aptitude after entering university. Handong Global University allows students maximum opportunity to choose the major of their choice.
A Multi-majored Complex Education for Diversity and Professionalism
Double Major Track

Society is demanding both diversity and professionalism. Students need in-depth expertise in one’s major, but at the same time, need to acquire relevant knowledge about adjacent academic fields. As such, all departments of Handong Global University consolidate relevant majors into a single group. Amongst these groups, students are required to choose at least 2 majors; double majoring is mandatory. For example, students in the School of Management and Economics should double major in Management and Economics. Interdisciplinary majors are also available. For instance, it is possible to major in Management at the School of Management and Economics while also majoring in Computer Science at the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.

Fluent Communication on the International Stage
Practical English-focused Education for All Students
At Handong Global University, students learn English through formal language classes and informal contact with foreign students and professors. All students must obtain 9 credits in the English program focusing on academic presentations and writing during their freshmen and sophomore year. Major courses, taken from the students’ sophomore year onwards, are also provided in English.
To meet graduation requirements, students must earn at least the minimal acceptable score in one of following accredited English exams (TOEIC: All 700 / International Language 850; TOEFL: All 533 / International Language 600; TEPS : All 572 / International Language 756).
Leaders in the Age of Knowledge and Information
Basic ICT Convergence Education for All Students
Regardless of major, students at Handong Global University must take at least 7 credits of basic ICT convergence courses for development of their ability to generate, use, maintain and manage information via computers. Handong Global University graduates of all majors have an above average level of computer literacy.
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