Student Life
Social Service Clubs
Giving Tree
Giving Tree manages the store to assist foreign students and participate in social services. Our main project is receiving donations (clothes for example) and selling those at fairly low prices to help our neighbors in need such as foreign workers or people who are suffering from financial problems.
Peace Makers
We are ‘peace educators’ in the middle schools located in Pohang and we are mentors for the children in orphanages. Likewise, our tasks are expanding. We are looking for peacemakers who actively find people in need and design projects for them.
Liberty School
Liberty School is the government-designated alternative high school to help students who could not finish the regular school curriculum. The students in Handong are teachers and managers of Liberty School.
The Foundation for Preventing Youth Violence
FPUV is a NGO started by a father who lost his only son due to bullying at school. He founded FPUV to have campaigns to prevent school violence in hopes of eliminating more victims of school violence. We hold campaigns and several programs for middle school students to prevent school violence and we also set up mentoring programs for victims of school violence.
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