Student Life
Performing Arts
Engaged in dance performances, Zizzy creates cheerful spirits in Handong community as well as outside of the campus as a voluntary service in the villages.
Handong Orchestra
Handong Orchestra is the club that the string music club (Soloists) and the pipe music club (Winds) has generated. We engage in street music performances, and also perform in various regular events.
MIC (Motion in Christ)
Since 1996, MIC’s become famous for its passionate gospel ministry through spectacular dance performances. MIC’s cultural exchange in Thailand is well-known on and off the campus. It is also a part of MNT(Mission and Talent).
Han Pung
Our members are passionate learners of the Korean traditional music instruments. We use these music instruments as a means to praise the Lord, spread the gospel, and serve our communities.
Amazing Story
Amazing Story began in September 1997. The club performs one or two plays each semester. The club invites students with passion who desire to set the framework and message for plays to join us.
Ha-Hyang means ‘the dance toward heaven.’ Its dance genre is Korean traditional dance that is performed to reach out to other nations on several mission trips.
Great Order (G.O.)
Its name is borrowed from the Bible. Matthew 28:19-20 talks about Jesus’ Great Order to go to the world. Following the order of the Lord, we use worship dance as our main tool to worship God and to spread the gospel.
Pitch Pipe
Pitch Pipe is named after the instrument that sets the first note of each song. We serve the Lord and several communities by performing A Capella, and gospel songs.
Reverie is a group of people who have a passion for playing the guitar. We hold several guitar performances at various occasions such as: HANST(Handong Spiritual Training), Festival week, other independent activities and social services.
The specialty of NEO is that we write and compose songs by ourselves. We reach out to outside communities by our street performances.
Girls Accappella
We only use our voices to sing and create all the accompanying music. The club is composed of only young women.
This club is distinguishable from every other performance club in Handong. All students who are fascinated with magic are welcome to join us.
The goal of this club is to serve the deaf through learning sign language. We communicate with these people to show them the love of the Lord and spread the good news of the gospel.
There have been more than 40 plays performed by the club so far. The members are full of talent and spirit.
This singing club is composed of only men to generate the unique sounds of men. The wide range of genres used in this club are trios, duets, acapella, CCM, Black Spirituals and sometimes something new!
Liquid musicians engage in street performances, university festivals, POP(Passion of Pohang) and several other events. As part of MNT(Mission and Talent), we go on mission trips, and also hold prayer meetings.
Mir has two parts: Metal band music and Rock band music. We encourage students who love band music in both Rock and Metal to join us.
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