Symbol Mark
Symbol Mark
The symbol mark of Handong Global University is an important visual factor that delivers the overall image of the university, it must be handled with extra attention to prevent it from being distorted or twisted in its usage. Therefore, the symbol must deliver the correct imagery of Handong Global University through correct utilization and management according to the manual’s regulations, and arbitrary modification of shape or color is absolutely forbidden. The mark’s playback method can be displayed via the standard method using the manuscript or by printing it out with the computer.


It's a wordmark that directly shows HGU, Handong Global University’s initial, and the triangular form symbolizes harmony, growth, completion, and foundation. Additionally, the B-shaped outer circle’s inner side represents harmony and unity, while the outer side represents change for the nations and vision. Blue colors express Handong’s vigor and adventurous spirit. When considering the design, the symbolisms were expressed in two different methods, so that they can be interchanged depending on the situation.
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The logotype is an important factor of U.I.P along with Handong Global University’s symbol mark. The logotype has been designed specifically to blend well with the symbol mark and to be easily distinguished from other related organizations. Although logotypes are to be used with a symbol mark according to the manual, they can be used on their own as well.
Logotype (Korean)
Logotype (Chinese Character)
Logotype (English)
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