2025 Spring/Fall Admission Guidelines & Forms for Undergraduate Studies
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  • For the 2025 Spring & Fall Application Fee (전형료) payment 

         => Please pay by Wire Transfer. Must use the info in the guideline(26904 HanaBank). (하나은행 26904 계좌를 꼭 이용하셔야 합니다)

               app. "WISE" can be used for easier money transaction.


  • 2025 Spring/Fall Undergraduate Freshman Admission Guideline (English/Korean)  외국인 신입학 모집 요강
  • 2025 Spring/Fall Undergraduate Transfer Admission Guideline (English/Korean) 외국인 편입학 모집  요강
  • 2025 Spring/Fall Undergraduate Admission Forms (Freshmen/Transfer) 외국인 지원서 양식


All files are attached in this post. Please download the files as you needed.


** Important notice (added on Aug. 25, 2023)**

Information of the changes in the Cornerstone Scholarship (made by the Scholarship Committee on August, 21, 2023)


1. Only Students who obtains TOPIK level 2 will continue to receive the Cornerstone Scholarship from the 5th semester.

2. After 5th semester, whenever students obtain TOPIK level 2, the students will regain the Cornerstone Scholarship from following semester.

3. For the Dorm fee and food during vacations, only the first year after entry will be covered by HGU. This means, students are on their own expenses from the 3rd semester.  

4. This change will be effective from 2024 Fall admissions, regardless the guidelines which states previous conditions.


** Notes **

1. All Int'l students who enter after 2020 Fall are obliged to have the Korean National Insurance & a Private insurance. And the Students are responsible for paying both insurance fees.

2. All Cornerstone scholarship applicants MUST submit a language test result. e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, IB, TEPS, TOPIK 




NEW ADDRESS to send Admission Packets:

Attn. Office of Int'l Affairs (OIA),
         DLE 104, 558, Handong-ro, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
         (ZIP: 37554)

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