School of Spatial Environmental System Engineering
Dean Il Woo Nam
Office Location Cornerstone Hall 206
Contact Info (+82) 054-260-1428
Construction Engineering, Urban and Environmental Engineering
The School of Spatial Environmental System Engineering offers curricula that range from 'Construction Engineering' to 'Urban and Environment Engineering' and the fields concerning the creation of our living spaces so that various phenomena and issues that occur in the spatial domain can be resolved through systematic and creative approaches.

The School's objective is to cultivate talented young people who use perceptivity with a keen artistic eye in the development of space, being able to apply state-of-the-art engineering theories from an eco-friendly standpoint using creative thinking to implement practical applications.
The majors offered are 'Construction Engineering' and 'Urban and Environmental Engineering' with specific tracks in Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Urban Environmental Engineering form a mutual organic relationship with one another to meet the objectives of an integrated department.

The courses offered in the specific tracks include Architectural Design Studio, Drafting and CAD, Urban Planning, GIS, Urban Design, Structural Engineering, Concrete, Soil Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Ecological Engineering, and International Development.
Career Prospects
We expect a tremendous increase in demand for skills in the areas of urban and regional planning, social capital and infrastructure (roads, railways, ports, airports, etc.), architecture, housing, social welfare facilities, and environmental pollution prevention facilities in industries within Korea and abroad.

Certainly, an increasing number of undeveloped and developing countries are expected to open their doors to welcome those who can aid their development policies and projects. Graduates have found their places in private companies, including construction firms, technology and service companies, and design firms. Some graduates offer public service in public and government agencies such as Korea Land Housing Institute, Korea Water Resources Corporation, and the Urban Development Corporation.

After a few years of experience, they may acquire the professional qualifications as architects or engineers to open their own offices.
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