School of Counseling Psychology and Social Welfare
Dean Hye Joo Lee
Office Location Hyundong Hall 322C
Contact Info (+82) 054-260-1930
Counseling Psychology Major, Social Welfare Major
The School of Counseling and Social Welfare reflects HGU's educational vision, which is to educate Christian global leaders. By training students who will become specialists in counseling and Social Welfare, the university is preparing future leaders who are dedicated to improving life and social welfare by serving with a Christian heart and faith.
The courses offered in the School of Counseling and Social Welfare are designed to help students understand the nature of human problems, be compassionate, and have professional knowledge to help solve these problems. Students will also be educated to have understanding and insights necessary to comprehend the complexity of social welfare in the continually changing and developing context of society.

Counseling Psychology majors are offered courses in Counseling Theory and Practice, Group Counseling, Career Counseling, Personality Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Counseling Practicum and others. Social Welfare majors study subjects such as Volunteering Theory, Theories of Social Work Practice, Research Methods in Social Welfare, Social Welfare and Law, and Social Security.
Career Prospects
With the development of Korea, its citizens have sought a better quality of life. Graduates from the School of Counseling Psychology and Social Welfare become professionals equipped to meet these social needs more effectively. Some of our graduates gain employment in positions at hospitals, counseling centers, and Social Welfare institutions, while others continue their studies into graduate school to expand their knowledge and skills in counseling and Social Welfare.
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