Center for Christian Foundation
Dean Eunjo Park
Office Hyoam Chapel Annex 101
Contact Info (+82) 054-260-1026
The Center for Christian Foundations focuses on providing a holistic education based on the Christian faith so that Handong Global University can fulfill its educational mission for being “a university of God that trains God's talented people in God's way.”
The Center for Christian Foundation operates a curriculum in the field of Christian faith among liberal arts education for the academic excellence and personal maturity of Handong Global University students, through organic integration and balance of faith and learning. In the faith area, there are Basic of Christian Faith 1, Basic of Christian Faith 2, Worldview 1, and Worldview 2.
The Center for Christian Foundations operates various Christian subjects for evangelical faith and theological education such as Understanding the Bible, Understanding Christianity, Christianity and Comparative Religion, Creation and Evolution, Studies on controversies in origin science, Towards a Christian Worldview, Christian Apologetics, Christian Ethics, Understanding History of Church, Christianity and Modern thoughts, Major and Faith, and Special Topics in Christian Studies.
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