English major provides education to establish firm foundation of English skills by developing comprehensive thinking and insight through English literature and Linguistics, and provides trainings to apply the skills into real action: TESOL and Translation/Interpretation. English Major students receive holistic English education by taking courses of 4 different curricular sections: Perspectives, Basic Competence, Foundation, Application.
Details of English Major Curriculum
Linguistics is a study that explores the extensive, complex, and subconscious nature of language to systematically understand how language works. In linguistics track, students can study on how languages have changed over time, the nature of language and its acquisition, the relationship between language and socio-cultural features, the cognitive nature of language, etc. Through studying linguistics, students can understand the principles and rules that are underlying in human language system, so that they can further explore the topics in foreign language acquisition and education.
English Literature
In English Literature track, students delve into the essences of literature such as elements of literature, genre studies, and literature in historical context. By reading literary works and engaging in discussions, students can contemplate on various universal topics that run through the history of (western) literature. Furthermore, students gain humanistic knowledge that Christian thinkers should be equipped with by considering various literature theories. English major requires students to go further than simply enjoying the literature and learning different literary devices, because the ultimate goal of learning literature is to apply the insight gained by reading literature into Christian values and to make changes to their own lives.
Translation and Interpretation
After developing English skills in literature and linguistics tracks, students can take Translation and Interpretation track. Translation and Interpretation track focuses on developing translation and interpretation skills by extensive training with various genres and contents. In Interpretation track, students discuss, make speeches, give presentations on different subjects and issues so that students can develop communication skills and understand mechanisms operating on verbal languages. Furthermore, students receive technical interpretation trainings such as memorization, note-taking, and consecutive interpretation practices to obtain skills to convey accurate information. In Translation track, students explore different translation theories and strategies, and practice actual translations so that they become qualified translators who can translate many different genres.
In TESOL track, students train their English teaching skills and study advanced linguistics and education philosophies. Based on linguistic analysis, students explore many different language acquisition theories, and study on the nature of language usages in social context. Furthermore, students learn practical teaching methods and approaches that are essential to English education. TESOL track emphasizes on going beyond theoretical TESOL studies; it puts stress on developing practical teaching skills needed to plan and conduct the actual lessons. The track gives students opportunities to experience teaching in the actual field. We provide all the lectures and programs that can make students qualified English teachers.
Student's Words on English Major
If you really want to change the world in the globalized 21st century, you should be equipped with deep understanding of human being (who are made in the image of God), heart to communicate with others, using level of English skills. Cultivating students with these features is the uppermost objective of English Major. With our Christian education that emphasizes on holistic development of Spirituality, Character, and Knowledge, Students of English Major will become a considerate, creative, and competent leader that the society desires.

With HGU’s double-major system, you can converge English Major with any other majors, for English competency is almost always essential to any other fields in the world. That means, English major can offer you a broad range of career paths.

Furthermore, from 2013, the English major curriculum has been revised in order to strengthen the specialty of English field. Thus, students will promote their specialties in English by developing not only English skills and academic insight, but also by applying the knowledge they’ve acquired into the real world.
Career Paths after Graduation
Since graduates of English major have a wide range of career paths to select, students don’t need to limit their career path into a single specific field. Students can go out to any kind of field that requires English competency or Graduate schools for further studies.
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