Handong Global University,
A university that embraces people and the world
Handong Global University is certainly a university for the people and the world.
Lee Jaehoon, Chairman of
Board of Directors
Handong Global University is a university that recognizes God who calls us, molds us, and sends us in His good will.

Members of Handong are small seeds that become truly outstanding individuals equipped with love, modesty, and service who reach various places of the world to fulfill the Kingdom of God. They are people who have resolved to live a sincere and devoted life; pursuing God’s will rather than enjoying the acknowledgment and honor of the world. The real meaning of human existence is found in their way of living. Therefore, the hope of the world is projected within Handong’s students and professors.

Handong Global University is a vibrant learning center which definitely changes people and the world.
Handong Global University
558 Handong-ro Buk-gu, Pohang Gyeongbuk 37554 Republic of Korea
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