History of Handong
History of Handong
2009 Handong
2009.07.29 Registered as a Member of the UN Academic Impact
2009.05.27 Declaration of the Mid to Long Term Development of Handong Global University :
'VISION 2020'
2009.05.07 Opening of the Global Green Research Institute - GGRI
2009.04.20 Selected for the Year 2009 'Project for Strengthening the Educational Capabilities of Universities that raise Well - Equipped Talents' led by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology
2009.02.17 Discontinuance of a Major and Installation of a New Major:
"School of Law, Public Law and Private Law Major' → Discontinued
"School of Law, Created Major in Korean Law and Installation of Previous Major US and International Law"
2008 Handong
2008.12.17 Closure of Department
School of Industrial Education (Night) → Department of Business Administration
2008.10.28 The Assumption of Office for Acting Chairman Soon-Heung Chang on School Institution
2008.09.10 Signing of 'Intern Dispatchment Agreement' between Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Handong Global University (Paris, France)
2008.09.01 Change in the Name of Major
Creation of New Major
Discontinuance of a Major
"Granting of a New Name for the School of Computer Science and Electronical Engineering, Engineering Education Certificate Program → 'Computer Science Intensive Major', 'Electrical Engineering Intensive Major'"
"Change in the Name to the Engineering Education Certificate Program in the School of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Major in 'Electromotive Engineering' → Major in 'Electromotive Engineering Intensive'; Creation of 'Electromotive Engineering' Major linking Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Control Engineering Majors
Discontinuance of 'Food Major' in the School of Life, Food Science
Change in the Name
School of Life, Food Science → School of Life Science
2008.08.22 Selected for the Year 2008 'Project for Strengthening the Educational Capabilities of Universities that raise Well - Equipped Talents' led by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology
2008.07.09 Completion Ceremony of the Hiddink Dream Field 2
2008.04.11 Start in Construction of International Hall
2007 Handong
2007.08.27 Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UN University (UNU) and Handong Global University (HGU) on the Installation of UNU - Institute for Global Education
(Tokyo, Japan)
2007.06.07 Selected for the Year 2007 'Operation to Support Engineering Education Innovation Center' by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy
- "Building of Structure to raise Engineering Talent that grows sustainably in the Global Environment"
2007.05.11 'Selected for the Korea - UN Development Plan National Project led by the UN Development Plan and Ministry of Science, Technology
- "Program of Educating Global Entrepreneurs as a Global Catalyst for the Developing Nations
2007.04.05 Joining of UNESCO UNITWIN Program
(Selected as the Leading University)
[Paris, France]
2007.02.27 Completion of Student Dormitory Building #8
2006 Handong
2006.11.15 Selected for the Year 2006 'Program to Support Engineering Convergence Education Research Center' led by the Ministry of Science, Technology
- Global Edison Academy
2006.08.25 Completion of the Expansion of Academic Information Center
2006.05.18 Selected for the Year 2006 'Project for the Innovation of the Capacity of Regional Universities (NURI Project)' led by the Ministry of Education
- Operation to Raise Global Talents in the Fields of Biomechatronics (Large - Scale)
2005 Handong
2005.11.24 Completion of the 'Mission House'
Completion of the Addition of 3rd Floor to Hyoam Chapel
2005.02.01 Inauguration of the 3rd President
Dr. Young-Gil Kim
2004 Handong
2004.12.28 First Graduation Ceremony of the Handong International Law School (20 Graduates)
2004.06.25 Completion of the Adaptive Education Center
2003 Handong
2003.12.15 Opening of Global Language Education Center (GLEC)
2003.07.22 Selected as 'Superior University in the Program to Raise Regional Universities' led by the Ministry of Education
"Fields of Adaptive Hands - On Talents with Global Competitiveness"
2003.03.01 Change in the Name of Department
School of Construction, City Environment Engineering → School of Spatial Environment System Engineering
Addition of New Department
School of Counseling and Social Welfare
2002 Handong
2002.12.23 Addition of New Major
Major in Social Welfare, School of Industrial Education (30)
Selected as 'Superior University in the Program to Raise Regional Universities' led by the Ministry of Education
"Fields of Specific Education Program to Raise Special Talents in the Global Era"
2002.11.14 Modification in the Maximum Number of Major
School of Engineering Education and Creation of New Major
Reduction : 
Major in English / 15 People
Major in Business Administration / 15 People
2002.09.24 Change in Name
Office of Electrical Counting → Electronic Information Processing Center
2002.05.24 Change in Name
Library → Academic Information Hall
2002.04.09 Change in Name of Department and Major
School of Biological Food Engineering ->
School of Life, Food, and Science
Major of Life Engineering (General Graduate School) → Major of Life Science (General Graduate School)
2002.03.30 Opening of Oseok Academic Information Center
2001 Handong
2001.12.14 Selected as 'Superior University in the Propulsion of Academic Innovation' by the Ministry of Education
(Fields of Fulfillment of Specific Academic Innovation by each University)
2001.05.25 Completion and Movement of Start-up Nursing Center
Educational Research Cooperation Building → Moved to Handong International School
2001.03.05 Change in the English Title of University Name
Handong University → Handong Global University
2001.03.01 Change in Name of Graduate School for Translation and Interpretation and its Majors
Graduate School of Translation → The Graduate School of Interpretation & Translation
Major in Christian Translation and Interpretation → Major in Korean - English Interpretation and Translation
2000 Handong
2000.10.25 Modification of the Maximum Number of Students in Graduate School
Decrease : 50 People in Graduate School of Education
2000.07.28 Authorization for the Creation of New Graduate School
Professional Graduate School (50 People) -
Handong International Law School, International Law Program (Opening in 2002)
Specialized Graduate School (20 People) -
Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation:
Christian Interpretation and Translation Program
2000.04.14 Completion of Academic Research & Cooperation Center, Industrial Incubation Center
2000.02.01 Delegation of the 2nd President Dr. Young-Gil Kim
Handong Global University
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