Student Life
Faith and Worship
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Faith and Worship
Handong Global University is a Christian University.
Professors, students, and staff all love and care for each other, serving under Christian fellowship.
Handong Wedneday Chapel
MIC is a youth oriented missionary group composed of HGU students who praise the God through dance.
Wednesday Chapel
All HGU students gather in a place to worship to God.
Although it is a Liberal compulsory course, ‘Chapel’ of HGU is conducted in a comfortable manner. The Chapel, carried out in an open-style service, not only comprises of sermons and praises, but also offers small concerts and plays.
Christianity Curriculum
HGU includes ‘Faith and Worldview’ in its academic curriculum to provide its students with an opportunity to get to know Jesus Christ. Furthermore, as one of the requirements for graduation, students need to complete a designated number of ‘Faith and Worldview’ credits. Through this, students will be able to intellectually, academically discover Christianity.
Worship Services
Students can freely attend services in various locations within the campus.
- Sunday, Service
- Thursday, All-Out Worship
- Friday, Praise Worship
Religious Programs
Students are free to partake in various religious programs offered by Professors and the Chaplain’s Office.
They have the opportunity to share a faith-based relationship during their studies in Handong.
- English Handong Discipleship School (Discipleship School and missions)
- Children's Ministry
- Life Group
Prayer rooms
Students can voluntarily pray wherever and whenever they need.
The university is equipped with various prayer rooms all across the school campus.
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