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Handong Global University Receives the 2023 U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award
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(Photo) Handong students who received the 2023 U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Two students currently enrolled at Handong Global University, Hanbi Park (School of Life Sciences) and Heeah Park (School of International Studies, Language, and Literature), were honored with the "2023 President's Volunteer Service Award" for their participation in the '2023 Boston Youth Education Step-up Volunteer Program,' organized by the EDR Research Institute, Brockton Area School District, and supported by Gyeongsangbuk-do.

The program, targeting underprivileged immigrant elementary and middle school students in the Boston area, includes educational volunteering aimed at academic improvement. During this approximately 5-week summer program (6.21~7.28), a total of three participants, including two students from Handong Global University, engaged in volunteer activities.

Recipient Heeah Park expressed her gratitude, stating, "Spending five weeks in the Brockton area of the United States and sharing my experiences with the children, providing positive influence, was a very valuable experience. Understanding the culture on the opposite side of the globe and leaving a spark of new hope for children facing difficulties in the social blind spots was something I am thankful for."

Handong Global University emphasizes its educational philosophy of 'Love, Humility, and Service.' The institution encourages students with the message, 'Let's serve with a loving heart and humble attitude.' Since 1995, as part of the mandatory general education requirements, all students have been participating in at least two social service courses annually, deploying over 1,200 student volunteers to the local community each year. Additionally, the university continuously develops volunteer programs to meet the demands of the local community through academic system reforms and other initiatives. Handong Global University plans to expand its practical areas of impact to bring 'honesty and service' to the forefront of character education that can change both local and global societies.

Professor Jae Hyo Kim (School of Mechanical and Control Engineering), Director of Student Development at Handong Global University, commented, "It is truly meaningful that the educational philosophy of Handong Global University, 'Learn to Serve,' is actively being practiced by students, accompanied by the keyword 'volunteer,' both domestically and internationally. I will make efforts to discover various volunteer programs and encourage student participation so that the warm influence through service can continue to flow from Handong to local and global societies."

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