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Handong Global University Hosts International Forum on Advanced Technologies in Hydrogen Energy and Secondary Batteries, Leading in ESG
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-Dr. David Batstone, a renowned figure in renewable energy technology and venture investing, introduces exclusive technology for biofuel conversion.
-Highlights the latest trends in secondary cell batteries and hydrogen energy, emphasizing their role in sustainable development in the ASEAN region

(Photo 1) Dr. David Batstone giving a keynote lecture

On the 29th, Handong Global University (President Dosoung Choi) organized the 1st Advanced Secondary Cell Battery Technology International Forum, examining technological trends for sustainable ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management and related industries.

This event was designed to explore trends in advanced secondary cell battery technology and facilitate networking with international experts. Given that Pohang, which declared itself a global ESG innovation city, is strategically establishing policies for carbon neutrality and creating practical energy transition roadmaps, this forum holds significant importance. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. David Batstone, representing social impact investment firm Just Business and deep tech battery material company Regenerate Technology Global. The program also included an introduction to carbon nanotube technology, panel discussions, and a question-and-answer session with the audience.

President Dosoung Choi of Handong Global University, in his welcoming address, expressed the importance of discussing the strategic approach the university should take to leap into Pohang as a global hub city for secondary cell batteries. He mentioned, "It is very important to discuss the direction we should take to leap into Pohang as a global hub city for secondary cell batteries and the university's strategic approach. I am pleased that academia and industry can meet through the forum and engage in substantive discussions."

(Photo 2) Answering audience questions through a panel discussion

Dr. David Batstone, in his keynote speech, emphasized, "In the process of transitioning to an ESG economy, the support of governments and local authorities is as crucial as innovative technologies. It is essential for policy support that absorbs the transition costs to innovative technologies to follow."

Handong Global University is currently planning a roadmap to establish a joint academic community with Pohang, which was recently designated as a specialized secondary cell battery complex. Since the declaration of the ESG Startup Hub vision in August of last year, the university has taken the first step by holding a groundbreaking ceremony for Genesis Lab, a specialized space for ESG startups. Additionally, in collaboration with Gyeongsangbuk-do and Ulleung-gun, Handong Global University will undertake various innovation projects, including the Global Green U-City project, to enhance educational capabilities and promote various innovation initiatives.

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