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Handong Global University Hosts the 2023 International Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Conference in Jakarta
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-On November 24, collaborated with three Indonesian universities to host an International Entrepreneurship Conference in the digital era.
-Emphasized the utilization of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for sustainable development in the ASEAN region.

(Photo 1) Group photo at the 2023 Conference on Global Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation in the Digital Era

Handong Global University (President Dosoung Choi), as part of the UNESCO UNITWIN project, hosted the '2023 UNESCO UNITWIN Conference on Global Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation' in collaboration with Jakarta International University (JIU), Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), and Matana University (MU) on November 24th at the Pullman Central Park Hotel in Indonesia.

This conference brought together university representatives from South Korea and Indonesia to deeply discuss sustainable development and ESG business in the current digital era, inviting Indonesian entrepreneurs and higher education professionals. The opening remarks were delivered by President Agus Hartadi of JIU, Vice President Christine L. Sommers of UPH, and President Franky Jamin of MU. Following that, President Dosoung Choi of Handong Global University, former Small and Medium Business Administration Commissioner Jeong Hwa Han, and Dr. Eunchang Choi from Impactive AI delivered keynote speeches on exploring new values in ESG management, smart entrepreneurship in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and technology entrepreneurship utilizing artificial intelligence. Subsequently, Professor Beom Ha Ji from Handong Global University, Professor Sung Jin Choi from Hanyang University, and Professor Gracia S. Ugut from UPH discussed how ESG management practices from advanced countries could be applied to the situation in Indonesia.

(Photo 2) Panel Discussion During the Conference

Christine L. Sommers, Vice President of UPH, expressed her gratitude, saying, "Through this UNITWIN conference, we not only learned about international entrepreneurship for sustainable economic development but also had a meaningful opportunity to interact with various individuals, including lawyers, businessmen, and higher education professionals. We appreciate Handong Global University for creating such opportunities."

Professor Sam Yuan Permadi from JIU who participated in the conference said, "The UNITWIN team from Handong Global University organizing the conference in Jakarta provided a valuable opportunity for many Indonesian education leaders to gather in one place, learn about the international entrepreneurship mindset, and exchange ideas. We look forward to more conferences like this to communicate with university representatives from various UNITWIN partner countries."

After this conference, the Handong International Development Cooperation Agency plans to continue providing entrepreneurship and higher education consulting for faculty members of various Indonesian collaborating universities through the Handong UNITWIN project, contributing to the development of future education leaders and entrepreneurs.

UNESCO UNITWIN (UNIversity TWInning and Networking) is a program established by UNESCO in 1992 to support education and research institutions in developing countries through networks with universities in developed countries, aiming to reduce knowledge disparities and enhance the self-reliance of developing countries. Handong Global University was designated as the first UNITWIN coordinating university in Korea in 2007.

Handong Global University has actively pursued internationalization initiatives, including being the first university in Korea designated for OECD internship dispatch (2008), UN Academic Impact coordinating university designation (2011), UN donation library operation university designation (2014), UN NGO conference hosting university (2016), and the opening of the UNAI Ban Ki-moon Global Education Institute (IGE) in 2019.

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