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Handong Global University’s Department of Psychology is part of the General Graduate School. Psychology forms a basic knowledge of Social Science, but also basic knowledge in a broader academic field. Moreover, Psychology sets the target of research on the heart and behavior of mankind, so the topic is very diverse and broad, consisting of various major fields . Introductory Psychology discusses the general process of psychology, which consists of cognitive psychology, perceptual psychology, learning psychology, language psychology, biopsychology, neuropsychology, developmental psychology, emotional psychology, personality psychology, social psychology, and metering psychology. Advanced Psychology, applies the knowledge of basic psychology in real-world scenarios to understand and utilize the study, consisting of Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Addiction Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Advertising Psychology, Health Psychology, School Psychology, Criminal Psychology, and Legal Psychology.

Currently, at the Handong Global University’s Graduate School of Psychology, one can major in basic fields of psychology such as learning psychology, developmental psychology, emotional psychology, personality psychology, and applied psychology such as clinical psychology, addiction psychology, counseling psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, and social psychology, with high-quality education provided through the professors specializing in each field of study.
• Raising Specialists serving with a spiritually sensitive mindset
• Raising Competent Specialists that can contribute to academic and human society.
Prospective Quality of Talents
• Becoming serving experts with a spiritual capability based on the Character, Wisdom, and Power of God.
• Becoming experts that can contribute to the implementation of a better society and improvement in the quality of life based on the right understanding of mankind, in addition to knowledge and technology that can be applied to various fields.
• Becoming talents with various research capabilities that become the foundation of academic literacy and field experiences that can be used for real-life contact.
• 1 - Psychopathology / Advanced Social Psychology / Advanced Psychological Statistics
• 2 - Advanced Counseling and Psychotherapy Theory / Advanced Industrial Psychology / Advanced Research Methodology
• 3 - Psychological Seminar / Advanced Organizational Psychology / Advanced Psychological Assessment
• 4 – Thesis
• Common Choice: Advanced personality psychology, advanced addiction psychology, advanced rehabilitation psychology, advanced social psychology, advanced industrial psychology, advanced organizational psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, collective therapy, family therapy, project testing, Christian counseling, career counseling, psychological seminar, counseling practice, and guidance
Name Education Email
Sung-man Shin D.Sc. Addiction & Rehabilitation, Boston University
Yo-han Ka Ph.D., Christian Counseling, Vanderbilt University
Hye-Jung Kim Ph.D., Theoretical Psychology, Biola University
Hye-Joo Lee Ph.D., Industrial and Orgarnizational Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology
Young-an Ra Ph.D., Counselor Education, Pennsylvania State University
Sung-bong Cho Ph.D., Marriage and Family Treatment, Florida State University
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