Student Life
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Estimated living expenses will depend on student's lifestyle.
Living costs in Pohang (where campus is located) is relatively lower than in Seoul, the Capital city of Korea.

Tuition fees vary depending on your area of study.
* For exchange students, the tuition may be waived completely or partially depending on the partnership agreement between your school and HGU.

Tuition (per semester, as of Spring 2023)
Freshman (1st Semester) 3,841,000 KRW
Freshman (2nd Semester) 3,661,000 KRW
Humanities & Social Science 3,019,000 KRW
Engineering & Arts 3,874,000 KRW
Combination of Areas 3,446,000 KRW
Visiting Students 3,000 USD (approx.)
Exchange Students Depending on your institution's agreement with Handong Global University
Major Expenses
Category Amount
Dormitory Fee Approx. 800,000 KRW per semester
Transportation from Airport to HGU Campus Approx. 130,000 KRW
Orientation Fee Approx. 340,000 KRW
Health Insurance Fee Approx. 450,000 KRW per semester
Cost of Living
While the cost of living may vary depending on the student's lifestyle, a monthly fee of 300,000 KRW at minimum will be necessary to cover for meals and other expenses.
Category Amount
Meal (On-campus) 2,500 ~ 15,000 KRW per meal
Meal (Off-campus) 6,000 KRW ~ per meal
Public Transportation 1,200 KRW (HGU - Yangdeok area)
Coffee & Tea 3,000 KRW ~
Textbook Expenses Approx. 30,000 ~ 200,000 KRW
Fast Food Restaurant 5,000 KRW ~
Bedding Set (including a bed sheet, a blanket, a pillow, a pillowcase) Approx. 80,000 KRW
USIM 50,000 KRW per 6 months
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