Mission & Vision
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Handong Global University is a four-year, Christian university located in Pohang, South Korea. With students and faculty from more than 50 countries worldwide, Handong Global University provides an optimal global community to experience cultural diversity and develop global competence.

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Mission Statement
To foster global leaders who change the world by providing a holistic education based on the Christian faith and pursuing academic excellence
Handong Global University foasters world-changing leaders by pursuing academic excellence and holistic education based on the Christian faith. As a Christian institution of higher learning, Handong Global University will be an example of a 'glocal' university that serves our neighbors and the world with love, wisdom, and creativity.
Vision 2025
Change the World with Love and Wisdom
Vision 2025 Goals 1. Solve local and global issues as a University of Innovation
2. Lead social change through creative convergence as a University of the Future
3. Present a better vision for Korean society as a Christian University
Core Values

10 Projects that Change the World
Handong's Vision 2025 is encapsulated in 10 major projects that identify and solve the issues and needs of our neighbors.
Regional Development Project Contribute to regional development through projects, services, and research in cooperation with local communities, industries, research institutions, and government agencies.
Reunified Korea Project Conduct academic activities, research, and campaigns that prepare for Korean reunification.
Africa and Developing Countries Project Support developing countries by conducting joint programs with global partners and fostering a global citizenship mindset.
Entrepreneurship Project Promote entrepreneurial start-ups, develop creative problem-solving capacities in students, and transform the world with innovative ideas.
Smart Financing Project Develop state-of-the-art financial and finch technologies, launching them into the field as new growth engines to boost start-ups and economic development.
Next Generation ICT Project Conduct industry-academic research in the fields of ICT, AI, and IoT to prepare students as talented individuals needed in the 4th industrial revolution.
Next Generation Cars and Robotics Project Pursue industry-linked, field-oriented training, convergence education, and practical technology development for smart car/robotics.
Sustainable Energy Project & Environment Project Develop sustainable green energy sources linked to eco-friendly policies.
Next Generation Life Project Apply next-generation technology to create innovations in food, clothing, and housing.
Health - Welfare Project Improve quality of life through smart healthcare and welfare systems that study diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.
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