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Handong University to Implement Joint Workshop at the National Graduate School of Management in Uzbekistan
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Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang) conducted a joint workshop for government officials of state-run companies and graduate students at Republican Graduate School of Business and Management Tashkent, Uzbekistan, from July 13 to 17.


Professor Jong-Chul Lee, Beom-Ha Ji, Jin-Won Ahn of Handong Global University and Professor Yong-Jae Kim of Konkuk University participated in the joint workshop, giving special lectures, academic guidance and workshops under the theme "Joint Workshop on Academic Excellence." This joint workshop aims to enhance participants’ ability to solve problems by providing a perspective and problem-solving education that addresses the major problems they may face in the economic scene that has shifted to a market economy.


Through a meeting with Rustam Abdurraupov, Head of Republican Graduate School of Business and Management, Handong Global University also confirmed the current status of exchanges and cooperation between the two schools and discussed ways to develop Uzbekistan. Rustam Abdurraupov said, “through close and professional exchanges and cooperation, we hope to provide students with an international perspective and share the wisdom and knowledge of the professors for further achievements of Uzbek businessmen and CEOs in the competitive international stage.”


(사진1) 국립경영대학원 Rustam Abduraupov와 협력 협의

(Photo 1) Meeting with Rustam Abdurraupov of Republican Graduate School of Business and Management


In particular, Professor Bum-Ha Ji said, "I have been visiting Uzbekistan twice a year to foster future talent in Uzbekistan, including sending experts, holding international conferences, special lectures and workshops, and I will continue to do my best to foster creative problem-solving skills and provide expertise through the ongoing process of cooperation so that the talented people of Uzbekistan can lead the innovative economic growth of Uzbekistan by creating new industries."


(사진2) 국립경영대학원 교수와 학술적 수월성을 위한 워크숍

(Photo 2) Workshop for Academic Excellence and Professors of Republican Graduate School of Business and Management


"By participating in the joint workshop, I learned about the ability to solve problems related to the various issues in Uzbekistan, and based on that, I was able to gain understanding and a new perspective on the barriers that should be overcome by Uzbekistan, whilst pursuing economic development," said Nurim Berdimuratov, a graduate student who participated in the joint workshop Sherail Umarov, a project manager at an Uzbek financial institution, said, "The joint workshop has been very beneficial and we will try to use this knowledge in the Uzbek economic sphere."


*UNITWIN (UNITWIN, University Twinning and Networking) is a program founded by UNESCO in 1992 to support universities in developing countries through a network with universities in developed countries to reduce the knowledge gap and foster self-reliance in developing countries. In Korea, Handong Global University was designated as the first UNITWIN sponsored university in 2007.


* In addition, Handong Global University is speeding up toward globalization as a first OECD internship college designation (2008), the U.N.'s ACADEMIC IMPACT designation (2011), the U.N.'s depository library operation college (2014), the U.N. NGO conference host university (2016), and the opening of UNAI Ban Ki-moon Global Education Institute (IGE) (2019).

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