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HGU will host 'Festival of Nations', where the Culture of 13 Countries converge
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(사진1) 2018년 문화축제

(Photo 1) 2018 Culture Night Event


Handong University (President Soon-Heung Chang) will hold the Festival of Nations (formerly Culture Night) at 2:00 pm in Peniel Hall of Joyful Church in Pohang.


‘Culture Night' has been held every year since 2011. This is an event that is centered around students from all over the world, who are attending Handong University, and where students can experience the culture of various country.


This year, 13 communities from 10 countries including Japan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand, North Korea, and Latin America, African, and Southeast Asian countries were selected. Various performances ( 3pm), food experiences (2pm), traditional dance and theater will be on display.


At present, international students from 52 countries around the world are spending their time studying in Handong. There are also students who are children of missionaries working in countries all over the world, who play a valuable role in creating an international atmosphere where multi-cultured students learn and coexist together as citizens of the world.


In this context, the annual Culture Night, which is held every year, is a great way to enjoy a variety of cultures in one place, and it has great significance externally by inviting not only students from Handong University but also local residents of Pohang. Professor Scott Lincoln, who leads the Handong International Student Union, said, “Culture Night is a place where you can experience the world without leaving Pohang.” He further added that he is “happy to see the exhibition of international cultures beyond Handong’s borders to the local area of Pohang.”


Handong University provides students of rural background, who do not have many opportunities to meet foreigners, a chance to experience the cultures from the countries of the various international student present at Handong through conducting an “Understanding the World” program so that students from rural areas can raise their global citizenship and understanding without prejudice. The program, which has been operated in cooperation with the Gyeongsangbuk-do Office of Education and the Gyeongsangbuk-do Office of Education since 2015, contributes to showing Gyeongbuk area students other countries' languages, cultures, and history, and Handong has being invite local elementary, middle, and high schools to this program.

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