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1067 Handong Global University, Final Selection and Agreement of 4th stage BK21 Business Completed 영문 관리자 26 2020-11-24
1066 Handong Global University hosts the Fall 2020 Next Generation Entrepreneur Training 영문 관리자 14 2020-11-24
1065 Handong Global University held the 2020 joint seminar on “Innovation for Higher Education in the Post COVID-19 era” 영문 관리자 11 2020-11-13
1064 Handong Global University Hosted Handong International Development Cooperation Conference for the Public Officials of Developing Countries 영문 관리자 9 2020-11-12
1063 Handong University holds the 9th Handong Startup Idea Competition (RPM) 영문 관리자 11 2020-11-12
1062 HGU, Hosting of the ‘Building Information Modelling’ camp with Yangon Technological University 영문 관리자 11 2020-11-11
1061 Handong International Law School, won 1st Prize in The 12th International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition 영문 관리자 15 2020-10-27
1060 Handong Global University hosts Global Leadership Training with students from Five Universities of the Developing Nations 영문 관리자 6 2020-10-27
1059 Handong Global University selected as '2020 Superior University in the Area of International Capacity' by the University News Network 영문 관리자 47 2020-10-23
1058 Handong Global University Hosted Mandalay Smart City Development Camp, Myanmar 영문 관리자 4 2020-10-19
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