Team System & Residential College System


Team system and Residential College(RC) is a unique fellowship system of Handong.




Carmichael RC

All students in Handong are assigned to a RC and a team, and International students will be assigned to ‘Carmichael RC’.

Carmichael College (International House),founded in 2013, is the first International Residential College in Handong Global University.

The motto of the Carmichael family is “ToujourPrest” which means “Always Ready.”

Thus, we seek, by God’s grace, to be “always ready” to listen, learn, grow and serve together.

It offers various events, such as sport competitions, cultural excursion, talent shows etc.​


What to learn more about international teams?

Visit Carmichael Residential College Facebook page

Team Meeting
Each member of HGU will be placed in a team with 30 other students from various backgrounds and majors and having a team professor who will caring and advising you for a year. Being in a team will help you make friends and do lot of fun activities together. Teams meet once a week on Wednesdays for social, recreational events, team-building experiences, and attending Chapel.
Freshmen Helpers
Freshmen are volunteers who are more than willing to serve and show love for the freshmen, transfer, and exchange students. They help with all sorts of things such as registering for class, personal relationships, getting accustomed to the school, and so on. They are assigned to a team and take care of about 8~10 new Handong students.


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