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Handong Global University Launches ‘Pil-Sa-Jeuk-Saeng’ Campaign to help those in need by transcribing the Bible
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[Picture 1] Bible Transcription Campaign


Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang) started a campaign called ‘Pil-Sa-Jeuk-Saeng’, a campaign with an idiom meaning ‘Those that decide to sacrifice themselves will stay alive.’ This campaign is a movement where 200 Korean won is donated each time when someone transcribes one verse in the Bible.

The Handong Alumni Association and an anonymous donor, through this campaign, will each donate up to 3 million Korean won, totaling 6 million Korean won. This campaign started from the Chaplain’s Office and Student Government of HGU, came together to become a help to the Korean society that is struggling due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. The funds donated through this campaign will go towards the welfare facilities of the Pohang region and towards the ‘Handong Manna’ Program, which supports a meal to students that are in financial hardship.

Currently, the total number of transcribed verses are now at 15,000 verses, and the participation is coming from various nations and people from not just South Korea, but also U.S., Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Argentina, Morocco, to list just a few. One participant of this campaign said, “I am glad to be able to participate in this program, where I could help the needy while transcribing the Bible. I hope that this program disseminates widely in this time of difficulty, fulfilling the love for neighbors.”

Petra Choi, Director at Department of Faith of the HGU Student Government that is progressing this program said, “I was challenged greatly to see people sending in 100, 400 transcribed verses shortly after this program started. I am progressing with this campaign with a heart of joy, as it is beneficial to the transcriber while giving a chance for help to others.”


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[Picture 2] Bible Transcription Campaign

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