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Handong Global University Maintains the Status as a UN Academic Impact Global Hub Institution for 10 Consecutive Years
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Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang) has come to maintain its status as a global hub institution for the United Nations Academic Impact’s (hereafter, UNAI) development of higher education potential.

(사진1) UNAI 로고

(Photo 1) UNAI Logo

UNAI is an official program of the UN established in November 2010 by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon; and recently, HGU was notified by the UN of its continued status as a global hub institution until the year 2021, making a total of 10 years as a global hub institution. HGU was first designated as a global hub Institute for Capacity Building in Higher Education Systems in 2011.

UNAI is a global initiative supported by higher education institutions around the world through education and research to combat poverty in developing countries, along with the UN's three main goals: world peace, economic development, and human rights growth. Currently around 1,400 universities and institutions around the world are participating.

UNAI has established 10 provisions of strategic principles to encourage participating organizations to make at least one or more substantial contributions towards these provisions. Also, a global hub institution is designated for each provision for the effective implementation of each principle.

Handong Global University, as Korea's first UNESCO UNITWIN host university, has been conducting various higher education programs with universities in developing countries, such as entrepreneurship training, joint training courses, etc. for over 10 years, receiving recognition for its achievements from the government, the United Nations, and UNESCO. In May of last year, the UNAI Ban Ki-moon Institute for Global Education (IGE) was opened, and various programs have been established to foster global citizens through holistic education.

(사진2) IGE 전경사진

(Photo 2) A panoramic photograph of the IGE building

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