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Handong Global University Hosts Law & Development Conference in Cambodia
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(사진1) 캄보디아에서 법과 발전 컨퍼런스 개최(2.11)

(Picture 1) Opening of Law & Development Conference in Cambodia (Feb. 11th)


Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang), as part of UNESCO UNITWIN Program, hosted 6th Annual Law & Development Conference with the Subject of Dispute Resolution in National University of Management (NUM), Cambodia.


Professor Jong-Su Park, Fred Ross from Handong International Law School (HILS), Judge David Prince of Colorado District Court, Lawyers and Dispute Resolution Specialists from Greece, Great Britain, Singapore, Cambodia participated in this conference and offered special lectures, whilst students from the two institutions conducted Mock Commercial Arbitration Hearing.


This conference was attended by approximately 100 working men, consisting of students, lawyers, court officials, central governmental officials from not just NUM, but also Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE), University of Cambodia (UC), Phnom Penh International University (PPIU), Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL), Meanchey University (MUC) etc.


President Hor Peng of NUM, who hosted this joint conference, said in the welcoming speech, “I feel glad to be able to host joint conference with Handong Global University, with the subject of Dispute Resolution, each year.” He also said, “I hope that the students learn a lot from lectures of various jurists of Korea, United States, Singapore, Cambodia, and that these will be good opportunity to be helpful towards international conferences such as Moot Court.”


Professor Jong-Su Park of HILS said, “I hope that this conference on the topic of Dispute Resolution, one of important works towards jurists, will be helpful towards law students of Korea and Cambodia in understanding Dispute as an alternative for legal actions.”


This conference consisted of various special lectures, including “Survey of American Legal Actions regarding Dispute Resolution” by Professor Fred Ross, “A Judicial Point Regarding Arbitration: Outlook and Difficulty” by Judge David Prince, “Introduction to Investment Arbitration” by Lawyers Dimitrios Kalsikis and Anthony Nicholls of Shearman & Sterling Law Firm. Especially in the afternoon, a Mock Arbitration Hearing between HILS and NUM students were held, to learn about not just theories, but also practical affair conditions.


Yoon-Jeong Hwang of HILS said, “It was a valuable opportunity to participate in a conference on the topic of Dispute Resolution with the law degree students of Cambodia. Also, it was a time to understand about the importance of Arbitration that can resolve disputes without going to court action and learn about large frame on theory and actuality by lectures based on practical experiences of professional lawyers.


Handong Global University, on the 12th, hosted Law and Development Conference with Royal Academy for Judicial Professions (RAJP) of Cambodia and conducted various discussions with law firms of Cambodia for cooperation.


* UNESCO UNITWIN is a program in which an University from a developing country networks with universities of developing countries to support Education and Research Institutions of universities in developing nations, to narrow the gap in knowledge, and to bring up the self-sustainability of developing nations, a program founded by UNESCO in 1992. In South Korea, Handong Global University was selected as the first Host University of UNITWIN Program in 2007.

* Besides this, Handong Global University accelerates the globalization drive by being selected as the first intern program university of OECD in Korea (2008), Host University of UN Academic Impact, operation university of UN Depository Library (2014), Host University of UN NGO Conference (2016), and opening of Ban Ki-Moon Institute for Global Education (IGE) in 2019.



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