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Dear Handong Community Members (Letter from the President)
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2020.02.28   |   count: 150

Dear Handong Community Members,

Hello, this is President Soon-Heung Chang of Handong Global University.

I believe that all of the Handong Community are greatly troubled due to the COVID-19 that is spreading throughout Korea. The staff and faculties of Handong Global University are doing their best to overcome this situation in a wise matter in the educational front. 

Though the Academic Schedule is not proceeding as it should have been, we will try to offer the maximum amount of Educational Service, so that an absence of class that the Students and Parents are worrying about does not occur.

1. We will handle this situation through Online Classes for All Subjects so that the Absence of Class does not occur.

Handong Global University plans to launch classes for all open subjects with an e-Learning System. Due to the contagiousness of COVID-19, the government has announced the Stage of Crisis on Infectious Diseases to its highest level, "Serious". With this situation, we, as Handong Global University, decided in the 54th Academic Conference, held on Monday, February 24th, to go beyond the 2 (Two) Weeks of delaying the Start of Classes, as recommended by the Ministry of Education, replacing with 4 Weeks of Online Classes.

With this matter, I hope that Handong Students will do their best in the classes offered through Online Program. Also, should you face any difficulties during the Online Classes, please feel free to ask or offer comments to the relevant Department, so that we can do our best to offer a fix to the problem as soon as possible.

2. We will do our best to minimize the risk of On-Campus Infection by Disinfection and Sanitation of Campus.

In our school, there are a small number of students from China that are studying here. Out of these people, there are 5 (Five) people that visited China during the Winter Vacation or those that are newly admitted for this 2020 School Year. These students have entered Korea earlier in Mid-February and have been quarantined in a Dorm for the past 2 (Two) weeks. They all have been released from quarantine as of today. Also, we have conducted disinfection of all buildings on campus last weekend, and also did the same after the students from China were released from quarantine. We will make full defensive preparation until the day that Students come back to Campus by regularly disinfecting the Campus.


3. We will allow the Boaz Medical, the On-Campus Hospital, to actively respond to False Negative results of the COVID-19 Virus.

Handong Global University, through the On-Campus Hospital, Boaz Medical, has decided to prescribe any suspected patients of the virus an anti-malaria pill, regardless of the results of the screening to actively respond to any False Negative Results. To be true, there are very high chances of receiving a False Negative Result on the virus due to the erroneous diagnosis of the Screening Kit. Should the Screening Kit make a False Negative Decision, this patient may unintentionally act as a spreader of the virus, and miss the appropriate treatment period, thereby greatly affecting themselves and the local community.

As of this moment, there is no specific prescription that can treat the new COVID-19 virus, but as known by several mass media in the effectiveness of the treatment, the On-Campus Hospital possesses and prescribes Chloroquine, etc., the medicine that can receive fee support from Ministry of Health and Welfare and also have a stable stock. With this medicine, we should be able to actively treat any potential False Negative Patients and any early-stage, highly suspicious patients to play a great role in the prevention of the spread of infection.

Should any Handong Community members be suspected of infection, or have any symptoms of the virus, please call the number below. The University will do its best in supporting the treatment of the virus.

※ Staff Members: General Affairs Team (Myung-Chul Noh, 054-260-1142,

※ Faculty Members: Academic Affairs Team (Beom-Seok Ko, 054-260-1077,

※ Korean Students: Student Support Team (Seung-Heon Lee, 054-260-1098,

※ International Students: Office of Internatioanal Affairs ( / 054-260-1763~69)


Just like this, Handong Global University is going above and beyond the guideline set by the Government in responding to this matter. By all means, we will continue to keep and improve the University so that it will be a place where all Community Members can study with ease and a safe place where we all can study and live.

We ask for your continuous cheers and prayers at this time.

We will continue to pray for the safety and health of all Handong Community Members.

Especially, we are once again thankful for the broad understanding and cooperation of students and parents.

Thank you.


 February 28, 2020

 From Dr. Soon-Heung Chang

 President of Handong Global University

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