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Handong Global University holds an Appropriate Technology-based Entrepreneurship (ATET) Workshop in Uganda
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(Picture 1) Group Photo of the Participants of the ATET Workshop


Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang) held an Appropriate Technology-based Entrepreneurship (ATET) workshop for Kumi University students and local citizens in Uganda from December 16th to 20th.
Professor Sang-Wha Lee, Hyegyu Lee, President of Kumi University Seh-Gyi Hong and Vice President of Kumi University Jong-Kyun Kim conducted ATET workshop. In this workshop, there were sixty-five attendees including undergraduate students from Kumi University, NGO International Development Institute(IDI) staffs and local staffs.
ATET Workshop was conducted intensively throughout three days and four nights. The curriculum of the program entailed basic economic lessons such as Korean economic growth, entrepreneurship and business based on Appropriate Technology. Also, practical lessons were addressed such as start-up incubation strategy for different industries, business item development, business feasibility analysis, and business proposals.
Training of Trainer (ToT) Session was held prior to the main workshop, and it was particularly aimed to empower local leadership and their competency. Eleven people including Vice President of Kumi University Jong-Kyun Kim, Professor Thomas, Professor Laurence, NGO IDI and local staff members attended the lectures given by Handong faculty members. And based on the lessons learned from ToT session, participants had a chance to conduct ATET program.
After ToT Session Professor Thomas held a lecture on ‘Entrepreneurial Attitude in Uganda’ and remarked, “It [ToT Session] was more than a program because I was able to apply strategies learned from the session as I conducted a workshop on my own. I have now become more determined to work harder to further contribute to the  development of village as a person who loves Uganda.”


(Photo 2) ToT Session Group Photo

Professor Sang-Wha Lee from HGU remarked, “I’m looking forward that ATET may bring a positive impact on Kumi village as well as its neighboring areas. Educational programs which address the aspect of knowledge and attitude must be continued for local leaders in Kumi and also for the country Uganda.”
Uganda ATET program aims to resolve economic problems in local community of Kumi and ultimately contribute to the country Uganda as a whole. HGU has regularly implemented ATET Workshop as a part of UNIESCO UNITWIN project in Uganda, Chad and Tanzania, and will continue to closely work together to develop program furthermore.


(Photo 3) Professor Thomas giving a lecture on ‘Entrepreneurial Attitude in Uganda


*UNESCO UNITWIN (University Twinning and Networking) is a program founded by UNESCO in 1992, in which University from an advanced country networks with Universities from developing nations to support education of universities and research institutes, so that it will reduce knowledge gap and increase self-reliance ability of developing nations. In South Korea, Handong Global University has been selected as first host university in Korea of this program in 2007.

*Moreover, Handong Global University has been selected as first university in South Korea to be selected as Intern-sending University to OECD (2008), selection as host university of UN Academic Impact (2011), selection as UN Depository Library operating University (2014), hosting University of UN NGO Conference (2016), opening of UNAI Ban Ki-Moon Global Institute for Education (2019), and others, accelerating the internationalization.

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