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Handong Global University held Law and Development Conference with Institute of Justice under the Ministry of Justice of Lao PDR
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(사진1) 라오스 법과 발전 컨퍼런스

(Photo 1) Law and Development Conference of Lao PDR


As a part of UNESCO UNITWIN program, Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang) held ‘Law and Development Conference’ with four Institutes of Justice under Ministry of Justice of Lao PDR at National Institute of Justice located in Vientiane, Lao PDR on the 13th. The conference consisted of World Trade Organization (WTO), Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (WTO TRIPs), and Lao PDR’s policies of foreign investment.

The Institutes of Justice of Lao PDR under the Ministry of Justice are higher education institutions that foster judges, prosecutors, and court officials, and is located in four different locations: Vientiane (National Institute of Justice), Luang Prabang (Northern Institute of Justice), Savannakhet (Central Institute of Justice), Pakse (Southern Institute of Justice). In particular, the conference invited Directors of each Institutes of Justice to the capital Vientiane to improve relations between Handong Global University and the Institutes of Justice, as well as provide opportunities for harmony and exchange among Institutes of Justice. 

Bounta S. Phabmisay, the president of Institutes of Justice said “I’m truly happy to have maintained a strong relationship with Handong Global University over the past  few years, and hope that there will be better programs and exchanges through the extension and promotion of the MOU.” Then he added “I hope that through the exchange of faculty and students, the legal culture of Lao PDR can further develop, and I am grateful for the continued interest of Handong Global University.” Handong Global University will expand the exchanges and cooperation to foster good law professions to support Lao PDR’s policy of overhauling legislation in the future. 


(사진2) 컨퍼런스 전경

(Photo 2) The view of the conference


The professors of Handong Global University, Hye-Shin Cho and Sang-Ho Lee, gave special lectures on introduction of World Trade Organization and Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, as requested. Dr.Sirimata Chanthalungsy of National Institute of Justice introduced policies of Lao PDR to attract foreign investment, followed by Q&A session with students of Lao PDR and Republic of Korea.


(사진3) 라오스 법무부 산하 4개 법무연수원 원장단과 협력 회의

(Photo 3) Cooperation Meeting with Directors of four Institutes of Justice under the Ministry of Justice of Lao PDR.


In addition, Handong Global University discussed about ways of further UNITWIN cooperation with National University of Lao PDR, and Souphanouvong University, and also professor David L. Mundy of School of International Law at Handong Global University gave special lecture about English in Law and Immigration Law at Northern Institute of Justice, Luang Prabang.

*UNITWIN, University Twinning and Networking is a program started in 1992 by UNESCO to help universities in developing countries by creating a network with universities in developed countries to support their education and research to reduce the gap of knowledge and to foster independence. In Korea, Handong Global University was selected as the first UNITWIN school in 2007.

*Handong Global University is working towards internationalization and was selected as Korea’s first OECD Intern University (2008), UN ACADEMIC IMPACT University (2011), UN Donated Library Operating University(2014), UN NGO Meeting University (2016), and opened UNAI Ban Ki-Moon Institute of Global Education (2019).

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