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Professor In-Ho Song of Handong Global University receives Minister of Justice Award
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(사진1) 한동대학교 법학부 송인호 교수

(Picture 1) Professor In-Ho Song of Handong Global University


Professor In-Ho Song of Handong Global University’s Faculty of Law received an award from Minister of Justice for the Achievements that he have contributed towards improvements in the readjustments of statutes that the Ministry of Justice have been propelling forward, with the addition of contributions in the field of legislation for unification.


Professor Song, who passed the 45th Judicial Examination in 2003, have been working as a lawyer in Law Firm ‘Logos’ and others, before he was appointed as professor of the Faculty of Law of Handong Global University in 2011. He has various field experiences in Law Consultations and Lectures for the North Korean Defectors. In addition, he has acquired Doctorate Degree majoring in the Unification Law to be recognized as an expert in the field of Unification Law, equipped with theory and practical affairs, thereby being appointed and working as various advisory committee members of governmental agencies.


Previously, Professor Song have worked as ▲ Committee for the Education of Unification, Ministry of Unification; ▲ Member of Research Committee on North-South Korea Legislation, Ministry of Government Legislation; ▲ Member of Committee on the Human Rights Forum of North Korea, National Human Rights Commission of Korea. Currently, he works as ▲ Member of the Committee for Legislative Support, Committee on the Foreign Affairs and Unification, National Assembly of Korea; ▲ Member of the Legal Advisory Committee (Special Section on the Research of North-South Legislation), Ministry of Justice; ▲ Member, Committee for the Propulsion of Unification Law, Ministry of Unification; ▲ Member, Forum on the Unification Law, Korea Legislation Research Institute, and others.


Based on these activities, Professor Song has presented dozens of Research Theses on the Field of Unification Law, and also devoted himself to the research and education of the field of Unification Law, one of the examples being ‘Lecture on Unification Law (Law Newspaper Company, 2015), a College-Level Textbook on the Field of Unification Law. Also, within Handong Global University, he is acting as the ▲ Warden on the Research Institute of Unification and Peace, Handong Global University; ▲ Vice-Captain, Agency for the Leading University in the Unification Education, Handong Global University. He took part in the selection process of the only ‘Unification Education Leading University’ in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Province Region in February of 2019, and through this, he is working for the vitalization of Unification in Handong Global University.


(사진2) 송인호 교수 법무부 장관 표창장 사본

(Picture 2) Photo of the Award for Professor In-Ho Song by the Acting Minister of Justice


Professor Song said, “Issue of Unification is an epochal mission that we must prepare for the future generation, despite its difficulty, and an issue that entire nation must prepare for, not just the Central Government.” He also said, “To fit with the slogan of Handong Global University in ‘University for the Preparation of Unified Korea’, I will work even more towards research and education to raise talents that will take lead in the Unified Generation.”

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