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Handong Global University Establishes the Handong-ASEAN Start-up & Innovation Center in Myanmar and Cambodia
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21일, 미얀마 양곤에서 한동대-ASEAN 창업혁신센터 현판식 (사진1)

 (Photo 1) Signboard Hanging Ceremony of the Myanmar Handong-ASEAN Start-up & Innovation Center on the 21st of January.


22일, 캄보디아 프놈펜에서 한동대-ASEAN 창업혁신센터 현판식 (사진2)

(Photo 2) Signboard Hanging Ceremony of the Cambodian Handong-ASEAN Start-up & Innovation Center on the 22nd of January


Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang) recently held a signboard hanging ceremony on the 21st and 22nd of January, 2020 at its Handong-ASEAN Start-up & Innovation Centers in Myanmar and Cambodia.


This event was attended by Myanmar’s Uhyanka-Sengkwan-Nankabr architects’ representative, Lawyer Geun-Suh Park and 19 other associated individuals, the Secretary General of Cambodia’s Bunchis Vies Women’s Committee, Choi Young-chul and 7 others from Hessed, and Handong Global University professors and researchers Ahn Jin-won, Seok Ho-min, Yoo Dae-hyun to congratulate the establishment of the Handong-ASEAN Start-up & Innovation Centers.


This establishment of the Handong-ASEAN Start-up & Innovation Centers follows an MoU concluded last year ASEAN Korea, Sookmyung Women's University, and Handong University (October 17, 2019) and the spirit of agreement of the Korea-ASEAN Summit. These centers were established be used as a practical support base centers that promotes higher education in ASEAN nations.


Handong University plans to use the Handong-ASEAN Start-up & Innovation Center as a base for strengthening ASEAN’s capacity for sustainable development by discovering startup items in the ASEAN countries, supporting their startups, creating jobs, and solving local societal problems. In addition, beginning with Myanmar and Cambodia, we will open additional Start-up & Innovation Centers in other ASEAN countries, such as Vietnam and Indonesia, to focus on strengthening the entrepreneurship capabilities of ASEAN country entrepreneurs, college students and young people.

Handong University as the first UNESCO University in Korea has been carrying out various higher education programs such as entrepreneurship training and joint curriculums with developing universities in ASEAN countries for many years, and has been recognized by the government, UN and UNESCO. In particular, in the second half of last year, two reports related to Handong University were published in the UN Academic Impact News (“Handong Global University hosts twelve entrepreneurship training programmes in 2019, 2019.09.04”; “Handong Global University establishes new partnerships to boost entrepreneurship and start-ups in ASEAN countries, 2019.10.29.”).


* UNITWIN, University Twinning and Networking is a program created by UNESCO in 1992 for the purpose of educating developing nation’s universities, supporting their research institutes, reducing gaps in knowledge, and growing their ability for self-reliance through a network of universities from developed and developing nations. Handong Global University in 2007 became the first to be designated as a host university of UNITWIN.


*In addition, Handong Global University continues its internationalization efforts by being selected as first OECD Intern Program Partner University in South Korea (2008), selected as UN Academic Impact Leading University (2011), selected as operational University of UN Deposit Library (2014), UN NGO Conference Host University (2016), and opening of UNAI-Ban Ki-Moon Global Educational Center (IGE) in 2019.


*Handong University signed a memorandum of understanding to support ASEAN's sustainable development capability between ASEAN Korea Representative Office, Handong University, and Sookmyung Women's University on October 17, 2019 ▲Conduct cooperative research through the network of ASEAN countries and institutions ▲ Establish start-up education centers and provide start-up education curriculums to assist ASEAN countries ▲ Set up an ASEAN entrepreneurial and start-up training program ▲ Cooperate in various fields, including promotion of entrepreneurship, in ASEAN countries through joint education programs.


*The ASEAN Republic of Korea Representative Office was established in October 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the ASEAN Secretariat is located and works to integrate and develop South Korea and other ASEAN member nations in 3 main areas of politics•economics•culture.

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