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Handong Global University hosts an International Development Cooperation Symposium in Vietnam for Sustainable City Development
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(Picture 1) Commemorative Photo of the Participants of Symposium


Handong Global University (President Soon-Heung Chang), as part of UNESCO-UNITWIN Program, hosted International Development Cooperation Symposium for Sustainable City Development in University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City on October 31, 2019.


There were 38 students and 7 professors from 7 universities of 4 countries, including University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Tuk Tang University, Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar Institute of Information Technology of Myanmar, Trieste University and University of Udine from Italy. Handong Global University proceeded with the symposium, on the topic of ‘Solving the Problem of Flooding for the Development of New Town’. 


(Picture 2) Professor Deok-Su Seo of Handong Global University lecturing on the Successful Case Scenario of the Urban Planning in focus to Flood Prevention


For this Symposium, Professor Deok-Su Seo of Handong Global University, Professor Bao Doan from UEH, Professor Tu An and Cuen from Tong Tuk Tang University participated to lecture on the topics of *Economic Effect of the New Town Development in Vietnam *Cases of Successful Urban Planning for the Prevention of Flooding *Flooding Status of New Town in Vietnam and Overcoming Plans and others. In addition to the lecture, debates were also held to lead knowledge exchanges and an in-depth discussion. 


Especially at the end of the Symposium, the participants visited the Thanh Da region, a New Town Development area of Ho Chi Minh City to research on the area. The participants of the Symposium held practical discussions with the parties of Thanh Da region for the development of the area, and discussed specific directionality and planning of the region.


Professor Tu An from Tong Tuk Tang University said, “It was very helpful to apply the knowledge earned from the Symposium on the fields of Vietnam. It must have been a very helpful time to the participated students as well in enlarging the width of knowledge.”


(Picture 3) Students from 4 Countries listening to explanations of Vietnamese New Town Plan in Phu My Hung Gallery


Professor Deok-Su Seo of Handong Global University said, “This Symposium has been a great opportunity in which many universities share knowledge together, and cooperate for the planning of Sustainable Development City.” He also added, “We will continue to cooperate amongst the universities by enlarging the academic exchanges.”


This Symposium is judged to be of significance in that various universities in many nations as they sought out cooperation and knowledge exchanges for the Sustainable Development of the Developing Countries. Handong Global University will continue to maintain close cooperative relationship with UEH, Tong Tuk Tang University and other Vietnamese Universities to proceed with Symposiums and Joint Projects for the Sustainable Development of Vietnam.


*UNESCO UNITWIN (University Twinning and Networking) is a program founded by UNESCO in 1992, in which University from an advanced country networks with Universities from developing nations to support education of universities and research institutes, so that it will reduce knowledge gap and increase self-reliance ability of developing nations. In South Korea, Handong Global University has been selected as first host university in Korea of this program in 2007.

*Besides this, Handong Global University has been selected as first university in South Korea to be selected as Intern-sending University to OECD (2008), selection as host university of UN Academic Impact (2011), selection as UN Depository Library operating University (2014), hosting University of UN NGO Conference (2016), opening of UNAI Ban Ki-Moon Global Institute for Education (2019), and others, speeding up on the internationalization drive.

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