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HGU received $20,000 in funds from the US Sponsorship Association
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2019.10.28   |   count: 355

(Photo 1)Geum Seop Jin, president of the US Sponsorship Association of HGU, delivering the donation to Young-ae Kim, co-chairman of the Handong Global Sponsors Association.


The American Sponsorship Association of HGU (President Geum Seop Jin) has delivered a fund for the development of Handong Global University.


Handong Global Sponsorship Association in Washington delivered 20,000 U.S. dollars donation (about 23 million won) to Young-ae Kim, co-president of the Handong Global Sponsors Association.


Young-ae Kim, who was appointed as the new co-president of Handong Global Sponsorship in July, had a time to explain the current status of Handong Global University, the major agenda items, and the current goals of HGU during a meeting with Geum Seop Jin, president of the US Sponsorship Association of HGU.


President Young-ae Kim said, "Thanks to the dedication and support of president Jin for 20 years from the beginning of the school and to the prayers and support from sponsors of the US sponsorship Association. HGUhas grown beyond Korea to become a global university," adding,I take this opportunity to show my gratitude once again. In particular, I am grateful that the sponsorship of Handong Global University served as a channel to support the entire Americas beyond Korea.


President Jin stated “Handong University is not the only university in Korea. There is much to be expected in the Americas about the honest and sincere talent produced by Handong Global University. It’s an honor to contribute even a small devotion.” and "I'll work with the new co-president, Young-ae Kim, to make a new leap forward and make a bigger contribution to the HGU."

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