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HGU President Jang proposed “Educational Revolution” calling for solutions to Regional and Global Problems
writer: 영문 관리자   |   date: 2019.10.08   |   count: 225
  • President Jang gave a lecture on the 26thannual All Nations Convocation Jerusalem
  • Lecture was held on the subject of “Challenges in University Education and Development Strategies” and governmental officials from 25 different countries attended 


(Photo1) President Jang giving a lecture on ‘Challenges and Solution of University Education’ at Ramat Rachel hotel in Israel


The president of Handong Global University, Jang Soon-heung, proposed an "education revolution" at the age of artificial intelligence, and directions for regional and international development.

President Jang attended the 26th annual All Nations Convocation, the governmental leadership gathering held in Jerusalem, on 7th(Korea time) and delivered a lecture on education.

About two to three hundred people including government officials, pastors and professionals of different areas from 25 countries of North America, Asia, and Africa, Israel's education minister and the mayor of Jerusalem attended the event. At this event, Jang gave a lecture titled "The Challenges and Strategies for University Education” for about 40 minutes.


President Jang emphasized the identity crisis faced by universities today, suggesting future directions for education. As a way to overcome this identity crisis of universities, he suggested "the role of mission-oriented universities that save lives" emphasizing on education for regional and global problems and development.


In addition, Jang suggested 20 number of “Challenges and Projects for 'Regional Development in Pohang” and explained the three educational goals of HGU, which are ▲good character and spirituality ▲globally equipped students and▲problem-solving skills. 


Meanwhile, All Nations Convocation Jerusalem is a congregation that brings together about 5,500 representatives, including government leaders, entrepreneurs and scholars. The congregation was  held from September 29 to October13.

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