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HGU, Nepal Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Opened a Newa pathway for the New Natural Textile Industry in Nepal
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(Photo 1Entrepreneurship and Allo Business Strategy Training


Handong Global University’s Nepal Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (NITEC, Director Han YoonSik) held a technical training and a workshop on the use of the 'Allo refining system' in Pokara, Nepal, from September 16th to 18th.


Allo is a large Himalayan nettle that is noted as a new natural textile material and is applicable in high-functional products such as baby clothes and sporting goods due to its high degree of anti-bacterial, ventilation, absorption, thermosetting and burning properties. It is also a higher value-added crop that can replace hemp textile. 


Allo refining system is an innovative technology that drastically reduces labor intensity and increases productivity by 8 to 10 times. In addition, it reduces firewood consumption by less than one-tenth using suitable technologies for the local.


Through the workshop, NITEC has secured about 30 Allo textile-producing villages so far by selling and distributing 15 sets of Allo refining systems to 10 local companies. 


Furthermore, NITEC developed advanced Allo mixed textile manufacturing technology and succeeded in test production in Nepal, finally enabling it to create a new Nepalese natural textile industry, as well as establishing a mass supply and demand system for Allo textile that only originates in the Himalayan alpine region. Furthermore, NITEC has developed fine quality ofAllo mixed textilemanufacturing technology and has succeeded in test production in Nepal. In addition to being able to create Nepal's new natural textile industry, it has also established a system of mass supply and demand for Allo textile, which is only found in the Himalayan alpine region.


(Photo2) Training of the Allo Refining System Beating Machine


All of Allo textile producers, local businesses and local government representatives who participated in training for use of the Allo refining system greatly welcomed the products and requested for development and distribution of follow-up appropriate technology products. The NITEC plans to expand the number of villages that supply the Allo refining system to 50 in this year.


In last December, NITEC established HGN&D (Himalayan Giant Nettle & Development. Pvt. Ltd.), a technology company for natural processing of Allo textile, to continuously distribute the Allo refining system and develop manufacturing technology of Allo mixed textile. Thus, the company has expanded its Allo refining technology and created a production and distribution system for high quality of Allo mixed textile.


Currently, NITEC and HGN&D are in the process of producing and testing prototypes for export to South Korea. Successful Implementation of the export of Allo mixed textile to Korea will provide an opportunity to Nepal to supply high-quality natural textile products to all over the world.​


(Photo3) Technical Training and Allo Business Workshop Using the Allo Refining System


In addition, it is expected that distributing the Allo refining system and manufacturing technology for Allo mixed textile will not only strengthen economic capacity by increasing the income of villages in the Himalayan alpine region, but also greatly contribute to the development of the community by improving the quality of life of local residents, especially women.


The traditional Allo refining process includes boiling the Allo peel with lye and washing it at a streamside. Production of Allo textile in Nepal has been decreasing due to the heavy labor intensity and long working hours.


Part of the Ministry of Science and ICT’s Scientific and Technological Support Program for Developing Countries, NITEC Project intends to foster the development of the Nepal communities based on appropriate technology-based start-ups and spread local business models by college students and local residents. 


Since 2008, HGU Green Appropriate Technology Research Cooperation Center has carried out various development projects for developing countries. The projects include: ▲Scientific and Technological Support Program for Developing Countries ▲Nepal Innovative Technology Center Project ▲UNESCOUNITWIN Program▲Engineering Design Academy for the marginalized 90% ▲Creative Design Competition for the marginalized 90% ▲Global Community Service Project, etc.

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