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Handong University, Joint Training Course with Cambodian Universities to Improve Start-up Competency
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From October 17 to 18, 2019, Professor of National University of Business Administration and Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia held seminars on enhancing the ability of students to start a business. 


(Photo1) Professor Yoo-jin Lee of Handong University, gives a lecture on human resources development to professors and students at Cambodia's National University of Management.


Handong Global University (President Soon-heung Chang) held a joint training program in Cambodia at the National University of Management and the University of Paññāsāstra, Phnom Penh, from July 17 to 18, as part of the Unesco UNITWIN project.


In order to enhance Cambodian college students' ability to start a business, Handong University hosted a seminar for 70 professors and students at the National University of Management and 30 professors and students at the University of Paññāsāstra. With four people participating in the joint education program -- Dae-sik Kim, Dae-yeon Cho, Yi-soo Cho and Yoo-jin Lee -- the seminar on enhancing the capacity of startups was held under four themes -- Logistics, Blockchain, Fintech and Human Resources Development.


Professor Yoo-jin Lee of Handong University, during the lecture on human resource development theory mentioned, "Handong University is hosting start-up camps and seminars for Cambodian university students with the motto of social innovation and sustainable development as a Cambodia-Korea joint education program. Emphasize that Cambodia's various social problems can be solved through creative business models and provide an opportunity to draw together a blueprint to shape them. In particular, through this seminar, I hope it will serve as an opportunity for Cambodian college students to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution and practical help for them to use in start-ups.”


Also, Meng La, a professor at the National University of Management in Phnom Penh said, "Handong University and the National University of Business have been working together to implement the joint education program since 2014 so that our university students can receive advanced education in Korea. We hope that the joint education process will continue to develop further in the future."


Meanwhile, Handong University aims to foster potential start-ups through education of start-ups and holding various certification programs by forging close partnerships with Cambodia's National University of Management and Paññāsāstra University. Handong also plans to hold a start-up camp and start-up competition next summer, where any Cambodian college student who dreams of starting a business under the theme of social innovation and sustainable development can participate.


*UNITWIN (UNITWIN, University Twinning and Networking) is a program created by UNESCO in 1992 aimed at helping universities and research institutions in developing countries through networks with universities in developed countries, narrowing the knowledge gap and fostering self-reliance in developing countries. In Korea, Handong University was designated as the first Unitwin-sponsored university in 2007.


*In addition, Handong University is speeding up its drive toward internationalization as the designated university that send internships to the OECD (2008), the designated university that is organized by UN ACADEMIC IMPACT (2011), UN-Assigned Library Operating University (2014), the designated university to run UN NGO meetings (2016), and the opening of UNAI Ban Ki-moon Global Education Institute (2019).

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