Handong Communities

Handong Communities


Representatives of 53 countires gather here at HGU for mutual learning and gorwth. Communities are composed based on regional and cultural background so that we have several communities. We have communities such as Africa, China, Japan, Indonesia, Latin, Malaysia, Mongol, Thailand, and other countries. Here we prepared contacts of international students and you may send them email in your language(e.g. Chinese to Chinese Community).
African community

Divine Nyuyki Dzeyewir :



Chinese community 

Jianan Wang(Vivian) :


Indonesian community

Keniko Stefanus Roostanto : // Ernest Sowandi :


Japanese community 

Aiki Hatanaka :


Latin community

Alvarado Karla :



Malaysian community 

Sarah See :


Mongolian Community 

Batsuren Boldbaatar :


Thaliand Community

Yuennyaw Chakriya :

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